Calculating Your Asking Price


The best answer is get help from a real estate professional. But, if you only have a few minutes for a video, here are five points to consider.

1. Start With Measurement Learn the average per-square-foot price for recent sales in your neighborhood. That will not set your final price, but it is a baseline buyers will use.

2. Get Comparisons Ask for Comparative Market Analysis – comps – from several agents. Go through each comp with each agent to understand both competitive homes on the market AND each agents potential approach to yours.

3. Market Research. Do your own! – not just online, but in person. That will help you understand your market conditions and the buyers perspective realistically. Markets get hot and cold, up and down, and yours defines the sales envelope for your home.

4. Consider All Terms Price isnt all there is to a sale. Can you close faster? Finance or lease-option the sale yourself? Cover some closing costs? Your flexibility can make sales leverage.

5. It is Not Personal. The hardest tip of all. Most people are emotional about their home. Pricing, in the long run, is going to logical. Theyre buying your house,not your home & memories. Find a real estate professional you like and trustand let them help you through the process.


Park Grove in Coconut Grove.

Park Grove in Coconut Grove.

Most ambitious architecture/project to date

The New Park Grove Condo Project is selling quickly; this luxury condo project is located in Coconut Grove more specific in the middle of a newly developed waterfront park. The condo project has 3 towers with great investment values.


Designed by OMA and rem KOOLHAAS, the striking towers of PARK GROVE set a new architectural standard in the quiet seaside enclave of Coconut Grove.


Park Grove Residences will blow everyone expectations with their high-end waterfront project. With amenities that will take you to the next level and to better your experience, The Park grove Condo offers pools, fitness, yoga, a private chef, yes a private chef and much more.


As the first Luxury Condo in Coconut Grove to be built after Grove at Grand Bay, makes this project most ambitious architecture/project to date



Contact me For more info about Park Grove and any other projects / new constructions in Miami or South Florida Business card


Es la comunidad de Town Homes de Lujo mas exclusivas del Doral . Sera una comunidad cerrada de 158 casas con 24 Hrs de Vigilancia 
Son 5 Modelos de Casas : Dos modelos de 3 Hab ( Abaco Y Bimini 2 ) y 3 modelos de 4 Hab ( Bimini 1 , Diamante y Cristal ) . El Abaco tiene las tres habtacionesi en la segunda planta  y la Bimini tiene dos Habtacionesi en la segunda planta y una Habitacion en la primera planta . Las de 4 Habitaciones , un modelos tienen las cuatro habtacionesi en la segunda planta y un modelo tiene 3 habtacionesi en la segunda planta y una habitacion abajo . 


Tendra la mejor Casa Club del Doral la cual tendra un costo de $1,500,000 y tendrad una longitud de 3,405 pies cuadrados . Dicha casa club tendra Un Super Business Center con Media Room , Una Biblioteca con zona de lectura , Piscina Infinita , GYM , SPA , Sala de Fiestas , Parque Acuatico de ninos . 
La ubicacion del Proyecto es privilegiada , estara ubicada en todo el centro del doral en plenacalle 58 con la 104 Ave del NW . 
Los acabdos son de primera de Quartzo y Cristal . 
La ventaja de comprar en pre construccion es que cuando la casa este lista el precio aumentara en un 20% . 

El precio por pie cuadrado esta por debajo del mercado 

El metodo de pago es : 30% de inicial y el 70% se puede financiar si el cliente lo desea . Ese 30% de inicial se puede partir en tres pagos : 10% Firma de contrato , 10% Comienzo de cosntruccion , 10% Techo listo . La primera etapa del proyecto va estar lista para finales de Dic 2012 . 
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