6 Required Pieces of Information


What 6 Pieces of Information Make A TRID Loan Application? Submitting these 6 pieces of information – Name Income Social Security Number Property Address Estimated Value of Property and Mortgage Loan Amount sought – constitutes a valid loan application under the TRID rule. You may apply and submit these in writing OR in oral form; a live conversation, or a phone call, backed by a written record of the conversation is a legitimate application. Once these 6 pieces of information are submitted a creditor MUST supply a Loan Estimate for approved loans within 3 business days.


The Assal Team – Proud Supporter of Team Dan the Man & Super Serge – Annual Light the Night Walk

In 2009 I met the Vidal’s, in another blog I might tell how, all I can say now is that I Love them… and I can assure you that you will end up Loving them too, but for now is all about the Light the Night Walk and the most important reason … the donation.

Daniel AKA Dan (Son), in February 2009 was diagnosed with NLPHL, Hodgkins Lymphoma, in April 22nd 2009 Dan started chemotherapy, in September 11th 2009 Dan was declared in complete remission we all were happy …

In July 27th 2011 Sergio (Dad) AKA Serge was diagnosed with Mixed Cellularity, Hodgkins Lymphoma, in August 22nd 2011 Sergio started chemotherapy and in March 21st 2012 Sergio was declared in complete remission.

From Left to Right - Serge (Dad) & Dan (Son)
From Left to Right – Serge (Dad) & Dan (Son)

Today both Son and Dad are two healthy Vidal’s

Their family has been blessed to have the support of their friends, and even friends of our friends over the past several years. Together, the team has raised over $67,000 towards finding a cure.

You are helping us make a difference.

But we’re not done yet.

As Dan and Serge have been blessed with remission, it remains important for us to ensure others continue to have that same fighting chance.

Funds from the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk saves lives. Without your help LLS could not provide these lifesaving treatments. Every year, loved-ones, supporters, caregivers, patients, and survivors form teams (like ours) and millions more contribute by donating at local retail outlets. These efforts culminate in inspirational, memorable evening walks in over two hundred communities each fall across the country.

Today, we ask you to join our team’s effort by making a quick and secure tax-deductible donation here.

Thank you for your support.George Assal PA