5 Tips for House Hunting in Miami: Simplify the Search for your Dream Home


This month, I will be featuring a series of posts that will highlight insights I’ve gained from more than seven years working in the Miami real estate market. While there are hundreds of lists of tips for home owners putting their house on the market or for those looking to buy a home, very few address the challenges (and opportunities) specific to Miami.  Every step of the home selling or searching process is quite a bit different here, considering that our home is unlike any other city in the United States.  From first time homeowner tips to house hunting, you’ll find it on our blog this June and all with a Miami twist.

The first topic we will tackle is house hunting in Miami—an often dreaded process that should be filled with the excitement of purchasing your first (or next!) home. To help alleviate some of the stress that can arise from the process of searching for homes, we have put together five simple tips we’ve learned over the years of working in the Miami market.  Our goal is to make house hunting the exciting process it should be!

  1. Find a realtor that knows the areas you are looking at (and has client references they are willing to share). Let’s be honest—it’s Miami. In a city where image and pretty words reign, don’t let good looks and a nice website decide your choice of realtor. Do your homework and find a realtor familiar in the area you are looking at, with a strong track record. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and meet with your realtor first to make sure it’s a good fit. A good realtor will be your best friend and will keep you from going crazy throughout the process- a bad one will drive you crazy!
  2. Make a list of non-negotiables and stick to it. Before starting your house hunting journey, make sure you have a list of things you aren’t willing to budge on—whether it’s convenient parking, a big kitchen or a pool. If you don’t have a firm decision on what you aren’t willing to compromise, in the moment it’s very easy to give up a dishwasher you really need when it means an ocean view—and let me tell you, that view is not going to be cleaning any dishes.
  3. Take one car—and if possible, hitch a ride with your realtor. We all know parking in Miami can be a nightmare, and nothing is worse than spending 20+ minutes looking for parking in front of each showing. Even worse is getting lost in between showings, and when combined with parking, it can make a morning of house hunting an-all day ordeal.
  4. Search smarter. With technology at our fingertips, don’t forget to use it to make your life easier during the hunt. To minimize showing time, make sure you take a look online at the options your realtor has sent your way before heading out. Some houses you will be able to eliminate just by looking at the photos. If you don’t like those—we can guarantee that the in-person view won’t be any better. While pre-screening homes (especially when you are down to your top choices), you should also take a look at the real estate values in the area to get a sense if what they are asking for is fair.
  5. Visit more than once—at different times of day. Anyone who has lived in Miami knows that a neighborhood that looks fine by day, can be a completely different place at night. This is especially true for certain parts of the beach, so it’s important to visit your favorite properties at different times of the day (and days of the week) to make sure it’s the place for you.

Following these five simple steps will make all the difference and help you on your path to finding your dream home. With any realtor at the Assal Team, that is always our goal—we want to make sure you find your new home faster, easier and with a smile on your face! Give us a call today at 786.554.8063 or send us an email at george@georgeassal.com– you can count on our help every step of the way.


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