Love at First Sight: Simple Secrets to Make your House Shine (and Sell) in Miami

Courtesy: House Beautiful

As soon as you’ve made the decision to put your home on the market, so begins the endless list of to-dos. While getting yourself and your loved ones ready to move is quite a feat by itself, selling your home at the same time can become overwhelming fast.

When trying to sell your home more quickly at the highest value possible, you will most likely be considering upgrades—big and small. With advice available at every turn on which upgrades to make, it’s hard to figure out what projects are truly worth it. Here at the Assal Team we like to keep things simple: we want to take off a few of those to-dos on your list and add only the ones that matter—those that save you time AND money!

Below please find our favorite quick tips to help you make a great impression at your next open house and make a great first impression on your potential buyers:

  1. Steam your carpets and wax your wood floors—for a minimal cost, you have people checking off (often unconsciously) the first item on their list. No one wants to buy a house with stained (or smelly) carpets and dull floors. Keep their eyes off the floor and excited to see the rest of the house!
  2. If you have popcorn-style ceilings, they must go. While this is a major tip for homeowners across America, it’s a non-negotiable in Miami. People are looking for their dream home, and outdated ceilings could easily scare them away—or leave the potential new buyers calculating how much they will have to negotiate off the final price to fix the ceilings themselves.
  3. De-clutter as much as possible, but don’t leave the house or apartment empty. If you have your stuff everywhere, it’s hard for viewers to imagine themselves in your home (and it may lead them to think you lack storage space). With nothing there, it seems less livable.
  4. Anything old goes. Don’t spend major bucks replacing adding a room on to the house, but do change out door knobs for newer, cleaner ones, replace shower curtains, switch plate covers and update your shower easily with a more modern showerhead.
  5. Let the light in! No one is looking for a cave, and people who choose Miami as their home, love sunshine. Any dark wall color should go and a fresh coat of be neutral or white paint will make a major difference. Make sure the kitchen doesn’t get left out either—a fresh coat of paint on your kitchen cabinets can work wonders. Lastly, take a good look at your light fixtures to see if any of them are in need of a major update. The more light, the bigger your rooms look.
  6. Give your lawn some love. First impressions are invaluable, and you should make sure that your buyers have the right impression before they even step inside. Hire a neighborhood kid to trim your lawn and add an extra few bags of mulch in your gardens. A little landscaping can go a long way.

These quick tips are a great start to getting your home sold faster. If you’re interested in selling your home or looking to buy one, give us a call today at 786.554.8063 or send us an email at We will look forward to hearing from you!


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